‘Kinder (Be The Love)’ update

Have you heard my latest single yet? Hear what people are saying about it! Here’s a review from Tom Hilton of Aldora Britain Records;

‘Kinder (Be The Love)’ is a song for the modern world, full of hope and optimism. There is a longing and nostalgia within Steele’s vocal performance and musicianship. The soundscape is one of kindness, love, and tenderness. This single provides the perfect antidote for the trials and tribulations of twenty-first century living. ” Tom Hilton – Aldora Britain Records

Check it out now and leave a comment. A fabulous video is coming soon for Kinder (Be The Love)!

Spring is on the way this week and warmer weather follows. Plenty of shows coming up so throw off the blankets and get out and see some live music. Lots of band gigs with the Pink Chevy’s coming too. Check out the gig guide under ‘Shows’.

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