Biography – Alter Ego


This dynamic and passionate Sydney duo has proven their appeal time and again to audiences of all walks of life and of all ages. They cover a wide variety of music mostly from 70’s rock and pop to current hit songs.

Merilyn Steele: Vocals, acoustic guitar, mandolin & percussion. With her impressive vocal range, she was awarded the title of Female Vocalist of the Year 2007 at the Horsham Festival in Vic. With a varied repertoire that just about covers every style of music from popular ballads, rock & roll, country rock to current hits Merilyn delivers it all with vivazĀ and amazing versatility. She has toured all over Australia and New Zealand doing shows and festivals.

A multi-instrumentalist and an experienced performer of many years, Merilyn knows how to read an audience and gives them exactly what they want – and always leaves them wanting more!

Tony Martin: Vocals, acoustic, slide & electric guitar, and harmonica. Also a multi-instrumentalist Tony is an artist in the true sense of the word, a man who makes his craft a fine art. His versions of classic rock and blues songs are stamped with his own distinctive style and sound. Tony started playing the guitar at the age of 13, influenced in the early days by such artists as The Shadows, The Beatles, Chuck Berry, Eric Clapton, Buddy Holly, Elvis Presley, Ry Cooder and John Fogarty. Tony has toured all over Australia as well as New Zealand and the USA.

As a duo, Alter Ego have worked all over Sydney and the east coast, regional country areas and were guest artists at the Bay of Island Country Rock Festival in New Zealand in 2014. The duo is self-contained with PA and lighting. Musically versatile and always fun, Alter Ego ensure top class, professional entertainment every time.

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