Single: Merry Christmas Anyway!

Merry Christmas Anyway Listen/Buy Price: $2.20

Merilyn’s debut Christmas song is a happy, upbeat one about the whole Christmas experience. The lead up, the prep, excitement and the magic of the day. It doesn’t matter what you do or don’t believe about Christmas, just enjoy the company of family/friends etc on the day!

It’s also a message to say you don’t have to strive and stress to have the perfect Christmas.

Single: I Deserve This

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While a little abstract this song was written during lock down and is a melting pot of emotions.
The main message is about allowing yourself to deserve love because we all need to and deserve to be loved.
It is probably the most poignant and personal song I’ve ever recorded but it’s also thankful and optimistic in the end. It’s also about coping with a breakup and all the feelings that go with it.

Single: Things Ain’t Always (What They Seem)

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Single: If I Could

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Album: Bring It Back

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Album: Extraordinary Daze

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Album: This Passion

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EP: Forever

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