Album: Making Memories

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This album and the songs it contains are reflections of the life journey I have been on these last few years.

Some are dark, heartbroken, angry and confused but there are also ones of hope, love, joy and humour which has thankfully prevailed.

There is even a song for dog lovers (My White Shadow) dedicated to my 12 year old pooch for the joy he brings me.

There are songs of betrayal, grief and loss, including a fitting tribute to Glen Hannah who did my artwork on the Bring It back album.

There is also a fun, cheeky song to end with in my search for a new partner after the death of my own after 26 years.

Four songs off this album were nominated as semi-finalists in the 2024 Tamworth Songwriters Assn awards;
‘If I Could’
‘Kinder (Be The Love)’
‘Diamonds and Dust’
‘Days Like This’

I hope you enjoy the changing colours of the songs and moods. Best have a tissue handy!

Single: Making Memories

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‘Making Memories’ is the title single of the forthcoming album by Sydney artist, Merilyn Steele.

It’s an upbeat, positive song with a summery country vibe.

It speaks about letting people and things of the past go in order to move on with life. After going through several traumatic life events in close succession including losing her long time partner during lockdown, she is speaking from experience.

“Of course we will always treasure memories of loved ones but I’ve had to learn it’s important to pick up and carry on with life, making new memories as we go”.

Single: Kinder (Be The Love)

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The brand new single written and performed by Merilyn Steele, ‘Kinder (Be The Love)’ is a song that urges us all as humanity to be kinder and more compassionate to each other.
It’s about realising that we all go through hard times, trauma, loss and trying times in our lives but don’t always reveal that to others. It’s also about lending a helping hand to those less fortunate and not judging people for either their looks or their situation. “I feel this song is needed right now. There are people out there doing some very hurtful things to others whether strangers, family or friends. Many are suffering unnecessarily”.
Kinder is the first single off the upcoming album, ‘Making Memories’.
Available on all digital platforms and her website from 7th August.

Single: Merry Christmas Anyway!

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Merilyn’s debut Christmas song is a happy, upbeat one about the whole Christmas experience. The lead up, the prep, excitement and the magic of the day. It doesn’t matter what you do or don’t believe about Christmas, just enjoy the company of family/friends etc on the day!

It’s also a message to say you don’t have to strive and stress to have the perfect Christmas.

Single: I Deserve This

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While a little abstract this song was written during lock down and is a melting pot of emotions.
The main message is about allowing yourself to deserve love because we all need to and deserve to be loved.
It is probably the most poignant and personal song I’ve ever recorded but it’s also thankful and optimistic in the end. It’s also about coping with a breakup and all the feelings that go with it.

Single: Things Ain’t Always (What They Seem)

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Single: If I Could

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Album: Bring It Back

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Album: Extraordinary Daze

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Album: This Passion

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EP: Forever

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