The new world

I sometimes wonder what has happened to life as we knew it? After suffering 2 years of Covid 19, now we have flooding and endless rain, and there is a Japanese mosquito disease here too! Some days it’s hard to stay positive.

Despite the fact that most of my group classes and workshop have now been permanently cancelled due to ongoing lack of numbers (Covid lag?), I am doing a fair bit of solo and some duo work which is the only thing keeping me upbeat right now.

My plan for this year is to focus more on myself as an artist, develop my songwriting, get more songs out there and maintain contact with loyal fans like yourself and give back! Trying not to get too distracted but not getting too far yet 🙁

I do hope you are safe and not in a flood affected area and if you are, that you are getting the help you need. Lord, we all need a break and some joy!

Would love to see you at a show near you or perhaps if you are coming to Tamworth. Fingers crossed if that still happens.

Til next month, stay safe, well and dry if you can.

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