New single ‘Kinder’ out Mon Aug 7

Yes, it’s finally happening with the first single being released on all digital platforms and the website. Radio presenters, grab a copy via AMRAP or from CRS Publicity.

‘Kinder (Be The Love)’ is a song that urges us all as humanity to be kinder and more compassionate to each other.

 It’s about realising that we all go through hard times, trauma, loss and trying times in our lives but don’t always reveal that to others.

It’s also about lending a helping hand to those less fortunate and not judging people for either their looks or their situation.

I feel this song is needed right now. There are people out there doing some very hurtful things to others whether strangers, family or friends. I have not been immune to this myself, having been victim of some very unkind people.

Kinder is the first single off the upcoming album, ‘Making Memories’.

I would really love to try and get some chart position with this song so I really appreciate your help! Please either stream in full, share with others or ideally purchase! It all helps boost my positioning.

Would love to hear your feedback and thoughts on the song.

Til then, take care and be kind to each other 🙂

xx Merilyn

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