New music out Aug 7

Due to some audio issues there was a slight delay in the processing of the first single coming up for release. But it’s all fixed now! ‘Kinder (Be The Love)’ will be available on Mon 7th August and out to radio.

There seems to be a lot of people lately doing cruel and harmful things, treating others badly. Whether for reasons of greed, jealousy, hatred, I’m not sure.

I have not been immune to this myself, having been betrayed and treated badly by some of those closest to me.

It’s one of the reasons I have written this song, I felt that it was needed. There are also more people than ever struggling with life, mental health, homelessness and other issues which really concerns me. I do what I can to help with charities like the Salvos who are literally life savers for many. Bless them!

I will be revealing more of the song in the lead up to Aug 7, some audio snippets, studio pics and maybe even an acoustic teaser. The countdown begins!

Check back in August for all the links to your fave platform to listen, stream and hopefully purchase :))

Til then, take care and please be kind to yourself and others.

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