Merry May

Here we are in the merry month of May already! Many family and friends birthdays in this month including my own.

While Treasurer Josh continues to boast how the economy is going ‘gang busters’ the music industry is still limping along! Another gig cancelled this week, well postponed to next month and it’s questionable whether the band gig for the 30th will go ahead. Yet Jobkeeper has ended! I lose hundreds of dollars with every cancellation so it makes it very hard to make a living.

In other news, ‘I Deserve This’ continues to reach further radio stations and parts of the world, with interviews being done for stations all over Oz, in the UK, Ireland, Scotland, NZ and receiving airplay in many other countries.

I urge you to support musicians and artists that you know in any way, even if it is just buying their single for 2 bucks, a CD, some merch, adding them to your Spotify playlist and following them. It all helps and right now we need every dollar to make ends meet! Rumours are this situation could go on for another 2 years so that is a daunting prospect.

I thank you all for your support thus far. Hope to hear from you or see you at a gig soon!

Best wishes, Merilyn.

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