Making Memories album: Out April 12!

My new CDs of Making Memories have arrived at last, yay! Official digital release date April 12 but for you my loyal subscribers, you get it on April 5!

For those that still own a CD player LOL, I’m happy to post off orders now or if you come to a show you can get a physical copy even sooner! 🤩 . There is some new merch to go with it; a really cool can/stubby holder and merch packs will be available on the site.

The title song is enjoying lots of airplay with at least 15 stations spinning it, as well as live and phone interviews. I’m sure there will be more when the album drops. If you are on my Facebook, keep an eye out for teaser reels of each of the songs!

I will also be booking a ‘Listener Party’ or two for the first time ever on Bandcamp, where the whole album will be played at a chosen date and time, and you can chat online with me about the songs or ask questions.

Lastly there will be a lyric picture video for Making Memories that you can sing along to on Youtube. It’s all a lotta work!

I am sincerely grateful for your support and hope you will enjoy the new album and the journey it will take you on which reflects my life over the last few years.

Check back on April 5 to get the pre-release!

Until then, Easter Blessings to you and your family

xox Merilyn

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