Lockdown blues!

Here we are in September in our 10th week of lockdown and I must say, this one is sapping my motivation. Though I am using the time to expand my musical horizons by learning to play piano which is now a habit and are up to Grade 3! I’m even trying to write my next ballad on piano, such a different medium from stringed instruments but I’m loving it.

I’m also concentrating on building my School of Song teaching business online now and are enjoying seeing that grow. I can teach anyone anywhere in the world so if you are interested in learning to sing, play guitar or write songs drop me a line.

Of course no gigs are happening anytime soon, maybe near years end hopefully for Christmas or at least New Years Eve would be great.

I am hoping to write a catchy Christmas song but not sure if studio will be open in time to get it out there! I hope October brings some better news to report on but until then, stay safe and well.

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