Lock down…again

Here we are nearly 18 months later in this pandemic and I feel like we are no further ahead. This virus has totally decimated so many professions, the biggest being airlines, tourism and the arts. I am still having gigs cancelled and very few bookings coming in. It’s a very uncertain world we live in now, and not one that I am liking!

I still feel we have a long way to go coming out of this. Health pro Dr Nick Coatsworth says he thinks we are barely halfway through this! So we are looking at end of 2022 for normality again. That’s a long time to have your career on hold.

Meanwhile, I would urge you to please support the arts and other sectors as much as possible while we tolerate this time. If there is a live show near you, go see it and support it, buy their CD’s and merch, download their songs or in the very least, follow them and add their songs to your Spotify/Apple playlists.

Hoping to complete writing some more new songs myself including my first ever Christmas song this year! And that will be here before we know it… another Covid Christmas!

Till next month, stay well and safe.

xox Merilyn

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