Hello Winter and EOFY sale

Yep, winter is truly here already but the good news is…it’s less than 12 weeks ’til spring!

There are a few gigs trickling in but things are in no way back to ‘normal’ for the music industry pre covid. The first band gig went off like a cracker but no other dates in sight as yet. A few more solo and duo gigs though so that’s a good thing. Check the gig guide for dates and locations.

Meanwhile still doing radio interviews for the latest single and other releases including several stations in the UK!

Have you checked out the merch page yet? Click on the ‘Merch’ icon and check out the cool coffee mugs and mouse mats for ‘I Deserve This’. There is an EOFY special sale on now so don’t miss out on the discounted prices for both merch and CD’s!



I thank you for your continued support and please, if you come to a gig don’t remain anonymous, come up and say g’day!! I would really love to meet you.

Till next month, take care, stay safe and warm.

Best regards, Merilyn

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