Hello 2024!

Welcome to the new year, I hope your Christmas was lovely and you had fun seeing the new year in.

What a busy and full year this one is going to be for me! Starting off with the videoclip for ‘Kinder (Be The Love) late January, then the title single for the album, ‘Making Memories’ drops Mon Feb 26. There is a podcast interview that evening with Conversations with Crystal on 100.3 FM, release to radio on Tuesday then a live in studio interview on Wed from midday to 2pm with Crystal on 100.3FM. And many more interviews to be booked I expect!

The full album will be released around 6 weeks after that so early to mid April. With more rounds of radio and podcast interviews, for the first time a ‘listening party’ on Bandcamp with a couple of date choices. Still deciding if I will hold a live ‘launch’ or not and where that might be. Would you attend?

After that there are some overseas trips ahead with some time out (ah 🙂 then back into it again the 2nd half of the year with one or more single releases.

Meanwhile, there will still be lots of live work happening most weekends with either the band, duo or as solo.

Wow! I’d better stay well and keep fit so I can manage all this!

Happy New Year to you, I hope to see or hear from you soon.

xox Merilyn

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