Tribute Show

Idols of the 70’s Tribute Show


Spend the night with 4 pop icons, but don’t tell your Mama!

It’s a look, it’s a sound, it’s a style. It’s the 70’s. And the post love-fest songs of a rebellious generation are drawing new and established fans to Sydney’s latest showband phenomenon, Idols of the 70’s Tribute Show.

Experience the essence of the 70’s with the unmistakable sight and sounds of David Bowie, Blondie, Elvis Costello, and Suzi Quatro strutting their stuff in a unique tribute show. Backed by a dynamic assembly of the live musicians who lived and breathed 70s rock and pop, veteran performers, Merilyn Steele and Mark Broughton dive headlong into recreating classic performances and you’re invited along for the ride.

Be amazed as Mark transforms himself into Ziggy Stardust era David Bowie – all makeup spandex and teased hair, with a healthy dose of “China Girl” and “Starman”.

Merilyn turns sup the heat and swag as Blondie, reprising provocative hits “Call Me” and the timeless “Heart of Glass”.

Elvis Costello hits “Oliver’s Army” and “Watchin’ the Detectives” live and breathe again as Mark dons the specs and…

Anarchic anthems “Devil Gate Drive” and “48 Crash” enjoy a sweaty reprise as Merilyn dons the leather and straps on the bass guitar as hell-raiser Suzi Quatro.

Get ready for an evening of satin shirts and leather pants, big hair and bigger live performances, all heart and no backing tracks. Just pure 70’s energy live and raw, the way music used to be!

The show consists of a 30 minute set from each character totaling 2 full hours on stage with an intermission after the first hour for costume and makeup changes.

Join Idols of the 70’s Tribute Show for an event jam-packed with legendary songs performed by legendary look-alikes, sound-alikes and a full band ready to tear the roof down. The only thing missing is you, your costumes and a taste for good times – they way they were meant to be!

Book yourself a life-affirming 70s rock and pop experience through:

Merilyn Steele at Alter Ego Promotions
M: 0403 869 364

Do it now, the 70s can’t last forever!

Click here to download the PDF about the show!